Pam Kimmel

Mortgage Loan Officer

Pam's career started in a credit department and from there, she went into finance. Pam began her work with mortgage loans in 1995. There have been many changes through the years but she truly enjoys helping people that are seeking to buy a home, refinance a home, buy a 2nd home or take equity out for home improvements. Pam likes for her clients to feel comfortable and knowledgeable of every step of the process. She also enjoys educating clients on the process of building a home vs buying an already existing home and walking them through the process of a home that may need a lot of renovations. Pam ensures her clients get the right loan to fit for their needs to achieve their goal. Pam excels at working with first time home buyers and enjoys walking them through the steps and making the process as simple as possible to help tho understand the loan process. Pam says that one of the most rewarding accomplishments that she can have as loan officer is to have past clients refer their friends and family to her.

April 14, 2021

Mortgage Tips for Newlyweds Buying a Home

In this episode, co-hosts Kristina, Mike & Sharon talk with mortgage loan officer Pam Kimmel of New Washington State Bank about b…

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